Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure

IP Global

Our mission is to change the way the world views global real estate investment, placing it on a level footing with other recognised asset classes. We provide our clients with access to the best opportunities and deliver an end-to-end service that guides them through every step of their investment journey.

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Project Brochures

UK Projects

UK projects Crossbank (CN) Crossbank (EN) Kent Street Residence (CN) Kent Street Residence (EN) Lucent Square Leeds Lucent Square Leeds Wellington Quarter London The Loom Centenary House The Curve II The Curve (EN) The Curve (CN) River Wandle Horizon No.1 Trafford Wharf (EN) No.1 Trafford Wharf (CN) Quay Central (EN) Quay Central (CN) The Cartwright (EN) The Cartwright (CN)

Irish Projects

William Beckett House (EN) William Beckett House (CN)

German Projects

Einbecker 47 Berlin (CN) Einbecker 47 Berlin (EN) Eden West Berlin (CN) Eden West Berlin (EN) Gartenhaus Berlin (CN) Gartenhaus Berlin (EN) Konstanzer Berlin (CN) Konstanzer Berlin (EN) River Gardens Berlin The Galleries Köda Berlin

Investor Guide Series

Global investor sentiment survey 2018 Berlin Crossrail Crossrail Update (EN) Crossrail Update (CN) Chicago England & Wales (EN) England & Wales (CN)
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