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Worldwide, we use 1,500 km3 of water every year

70% for agriculture

20% for industry

10% for domestic use

Quantity of water (in litres) needed to produce

1 kg of potatoes

290 L

1 kg of cotton

10,000 L

1 kg of beef

15,415 L

Water reuse (after treatment) by type of use

29% other

19% for industry

20% for irrigating green spaces

32% for agricultural irrigation


Environmental impact of the global food system


+ 25 % d émission de GES

+ 14 % de prélèvement d eau

69 % de prélèvement

d eau

28 % d émission

de GES

Global population Global hunger

suffers from hunger, which represents 821 million people

one human being in nine

151 M d enfants de moins de

cinq ans sont trop petits pour leur

âge en raison de malnutrition

2.5 billion

6.1 billion

9.8 billion


Quantity of feed needed to produce 1 kg of animal mass

10 kg Beef

2.5 kg Chicken

1.7 kg Crickets

Plant-based meats and insect snacks: the new food horizons?

While several fast food chains such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Del Taco and Blaze Pizza have added vegan options to their menus, start-ups such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, are producing meatless meat. This meat is synthesised from vegetable proteins, looking and tasting like meat while being healthier, more environmentally friendly and eliminating animal cruelty. This trend is only going to increase: according to a study published in June 2019 by the consulting firm AT Kearney, only 40% of the meat consumed in 20 years will actually come from animals.

Source: FAO.

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