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_inspirations The region, terroir or farmland that most inspires you? The mountains, which I discovered quite late in life because my family rarely went on holiday. I also like the sea, which is close to where I live. I enjoy sailing and diving.

A work of art (literature, visual art, etc.) to change our vision on the future of human food supply? Not one particular work but science fiction offers some timely food for thought.

Your favourite agricultural product? I am a big fan of oyster and shellfish farming. A dozen oysters, bread with salted butter and a glass of white wine make me very happy.

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You became President of APAD in February 2019. By what means and through what networks can sustainable agriculture gain international momentum?

APAD was founded in 1997 with the cooperation of engineers, researchers and representatives of the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD). So there are long-standing ties between APAD and the international stage. We are part of the Global Conservation Agriculture Network (GCAN) of producer associations and agronomist groups from all over the world. At COP21 in 2015 we represented the network as part of the 4 per 1,000 initiative. The project s name sums up its goal: by increasing the quantity of carbon stored in soil by 0.4%, or 4 , a year we would significantly reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Our message concerns the future of French farming, as well as European and global agriculture, for the benefit of everyone.

Permanent soil cover is one of the principles of soil conservation agriculture.