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Gabriel Krapf Head of Industrial Operations at the Avril Group

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targeting protein sovereignty The oilseed sector (sunflower, rapeseed, soya) has a bright future. It is the source of much of the feed produced for livestock. Its quality is one of the keys to the development of sustainable agriculture. The sector also has a crucial role to play in reducing our carbon footprint with the production of biofuels. The Avril Group is a showcase of this strategic sector in France and as such contributes to its international consolidation by supporting local production in a number of countries, including in Africa. Here we meet Gabriel Krapf, Head of Industrial Operations at the Avril Group.

1 - Launched in 2008, the Green Morocco plan aims to modernise Moroccan agriculture to make it a primary lever for the country s social and economic development. The programme includes support for agricultural investment, promotion for local crops and stimulation for exports.