Activity and ESG
report 2022


Building. Our perspective. is Pomerleau’s first integrated report. It covers our activities, our strategy and our performance in 2022. It spotlights our commitments to environmental protection, social action and good governance (ESG), and our progress over the last year.

Its number one objective is to explain how, over time, we plan to create value for our stakeholders—not only as a construction services provider, but also as a responsible employer and an active contributor to the growth of our industry and society as a whole.

Destined for a sustainable future

We’re building momentum. The year 2022 was particularly decisive, a year of transformations and exponential growth.

Our sales figures grew from $3 billion in 2021 to $4.4 billion in 2022. This allowed us to climb the ranks of Canada’s biggest construction companies in a $140-billion industry.

With the acquisition of ITC Construction Group, we’re now generating as much revenue in the rest of Canada as in Quebec.

For the second year in a row, we’ve reached historic sales and profit levels.

Our performance is all the more gratifying given that we had to contend with skyrocketing inflation—in a context of agreements that were already signed or in the midst of being negotiated.

Our ability to anticipate market responses and our teams’ capacity for adaptation and innovation made all the difference.

A new era of collaboration

Last year was impactful for the entire construction industry. All of its players started truly working together to improve productivity and to more equitably share the financial risks inherent to projects.

We’ve clearly entered a new and healthier era of collaboration, trust and transparency.

This is a giant step forward. But we still have a ways to go before this genuine collaboration becomes the M.O. of our industry.

This progress has special meaning for us—it’s the reality we’ve been advocating for years: an industry that collaborates and innovates, while showing integrity and accountability.

Confident about the future

Despite the looming recession, we’re well positioned to continue to move forward in a sustainable fashion, thanks to our past investments.

With an ample and diverse backlog, we’re now present where business opportunities abound.

Bolstered by a well-articulated environmental protection, social engagement and sound governance (ESG) strategy, we keep a close eye on how to improve the way we do things. The following pages clearly lay out the progress we’ve made in attaining our ESG goals. We hope to motivate other players to follow suit and take action for the wellbeing of the planet and the communities served by our projects.

The next chapter

And so, it is with great pride that we’re passing the torch of the company’s leadership to Philippe Adam, who will become the President and Chief Executive Officer in August 2023.

The experience and leadership Philippe has shown since joining us in 2021 make him the obvious choice for successfully shepherding the next phase of growth and transformation. He’s guided by the same entrepreneurial values, authenticity, excellence, adaptability, innovation and love that drive us.

As for us, we’ll gradually step back from the daily activities while continuing to be the majority shareholders and sitting on the Board of Directors.

If the future is promising, it’s first and foremost thanks to our people, our partners, our Board members and our clients. We’d like to take this pivotal moment to warmly thank you for your commitment to joining us in shaping an innovative collective future, and contributing to building a greener and more open world.

Signature de Pierre Pomerleau

Pierre Pomerleau, Eng., MBA
Outgoing President,
Chief Executive Officer
and Shareholder

Signature de Francis Pomerleau

Francis Pomerleau, P.Eng., MBA
Outgoing Executive Chief,
National Strategies,
and Shareholder