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SIMEOX features a unique technology having a direct action on

the viscosity of the mucus:

SIMEOX generates non-invasively during patient exhalation through a mouthpiece, a succession of very short air depressions disseminating throughout the bronchial tree a pneumatic vibratory signal. The effect is a transient modification of the rheology of the mucus, reducing its viscosity and improving its mobilization toward higher bronchial tree. Mobilized mucus is then expectorated through natural cough.

SIMEOX development is based on 5 years of fundamental research in partnership with prestigious research centers and university hospitals about the behavior and physical properties of the bronchial mucus.

The SIMEOX technology allows a more distal drainage of the mucus without increasing the fatigue of the patient, as the device is used in total relaxation.

Compared to oscillating PEP devices, SIMEOX delivers a more consistent and specific signal that impacts the rheology of the bronchial mucus.

Unlike other airway clearance instrumental aids such as IPPV or Mechanical In-Exsufflation, the SIMEOX device does not deliver any continuous flow, in order to reduce the risk of bronchial collapsus.


Indication The SIMEOX therapy provides effective and comfortable airway clearance for patients suffering from chronic lung diseases (such as Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, COPD) having lung congestion and difficulties to mobilize their mucus.