The most complete and intuitive way of publishing your brochures and catalogues on the Internet

Powerful and lively
Publish your printed documents on the Internet
The conception, production and distribution of printed publications represent a serious, and often costly, investment for business. Fluidbook allows you to optimize that investment by transforming your publication into a real online digital book. It’s a real book – you can even turn the pages.


Fluidbook allows you to keep all the advantages of printed publications: simple to handle, fluid and intuitive for all. Fluidbook, however, gives you all that with the added value of multimedia capabilities: still images can be replaced by slideshows and videos, illustrations and graphics can be animated, catalogues can be directly linked to your e-commerce sites, while games can become interactive. Everything is possible.

The future is now

Internet marketing is the advertising sector currently seeing by far the largest growth. With 38% of the European population using the Internet to find the information they need, your “paper” investment deserves to be rapidly and easily accessible online – and in the best possible way. With Fluidbook, your publication is instantly accessible to tens of millions of Internet users, while your printing and distribution costs disappear.

Simplicity & Quality
Simple to use
It’s so nice to sit down and read a book in your favourite armchair. Fluidbook combines the simplicity of reading a book with all the advantages of a multimedia experience. It’s also intuitive to use and has an on-screen presentation close to a real book. For example, you just move your mouse to turn the page. The graphic interface, created by a skilled team of graphic designers and ergonomists, is without a doubt the easiest to use and most intuitive on the market today.

You company deserves the best

So that your customers can have the best possible reading experience, Fluidbook optimizes the way that your document is presented. Fluidbook adapts to screen resolutions, which means that your publication always appears in the largest possible format. In most cases the reader will be able to read the page without even needing to zoom in. On top of which, all text is displayed using a “vector format,” so that even magnified it always appears at the perfect definition. Finally, we systematically adapt Fluidbook to your company’s graphic identity (for example, the correct colours and fonts).

Instant installation

Fluidbook does not require a special server or a database – you simply put a file online or we will do it for you. Certain of our competitors offer installation assistance, but Fluidbook is so simple we don’t need to.

Measure and expand your audience
You spend money to create thousands of copies of a beautiful document and then distribute it. Fluidbook will not only allow more people to see your publication around the world, but also let you to measure just how many people have used it. You’ll know which page and which products have been most viewed. You can even find out how long each consumer-reader has spent on each page. Fluidbook has a built-in capability to collect statistical data on your readers. For example, the popularity of specific pages or which key words are used most in searches. This is new consumer information on how your publication is used that you could never hope to collect in its printed format.

In short
Integrated functions
- Index - Turn the pages - Zoom - Vector-graphics text - Full screen - Text search - Bookmarks - Send to a Friend - PDF Export - Copy & Paste - Print

Examples of Use:
- Catalogues - Magazines and Newspapers - Annual Reports - Company Brochures - Tourist Brochures - Instruction Manuals

Integrated Services
- Personal graphic interface - Statistics - Internet or CD-ROM

Technical Specifications
- No special plugin needed (requires Flash Player 8, installed on 98% of computers) - Optimized Loading - Quality Adjustment - Standard Server, without Database - Macintosh and PC compatible - Browser compatible: Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera...

Advanced Functions
- Video, music and animation - E-commerce - Secure access - Multilingual

To receive a budget proposal, please click here.
The rates include the adaptation to your graphic identity (colours/fonts/logo) and the integration of a few links in pages.

How to order
1. Send us a budget request by clicking here.

Reduced rates
Reduced rates when two or more Fluidbooks are ordered. This reduction depends of the number of Fluidbook ordered. Please contact us for a made to measure rate.

2. You send us your document as a PDF. 3. Within 2 or 5 days we send you back your Fluidbook or we install it on your server.

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