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Myth 3. It s not a source of major losses for insurers

EOW has largest share of claims

Myth 4. It s modern properties that are affected the most

There is greater prevalence of water in the home:

76% of homes were built pre-1979 1970s 30% of homes had central heating, 65% a washing machine 2010s 95% of homes have central heating, 97% a washing machine and 45% a dishwasher *Source: Crawford s EOW

Home improvements and extensions feature more bathrooms and fitted kitchens, underfloor heating and other lifestyle choices.

It s not just new property, it s all property

What causes claims in buildings?

Theft 13%

Storm 12%

Malicious Damage 6%

Fire & Explosion 6%

Other 5% Impact 5% Flood 1%

Burst Pipes/ Escape of Water 31%

Accidental Damage/Loss 19% (Source: Zurich)