shaping the resourceful city for the populations

We support cities in implementing the vision of their own future. A city that is more and more circular, resilient and collaborative. We help cities build customized, innovative and sustainable solutions to serve their public s needs. Our aim in shaping resourceful cities is to provide higher value services for citizens, reduce environmental impact and make citizens the focus of every city.

better managing resources for sustainable growth

We help cities protect their environment and adopt a circular economy of resources through waste recycling and recovery and water management. We help them provide guaranteed and sustainable access to high-quality drinking water in quantities that can meet growing needs.

addressing climate challenges

Fighting climate change is a top priority for SUEZ, which develops solutions to tackle three challenges: to mitigate the causes of climate change, to adapt to its consequences and to build new alliances that develop climate-responsible models.

contribute to the development of

the city of tomorrow


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