SUEZ Ventures: supporting the development of young innovative companies Launched in 2010, SUEZ Ventures is the Group s investment fund. It is one of the key players in corporate venture funding in water management, recycling and waste recovery sectors. We work alongside promising young innovative companies as an investor and industry partner.

Hundreds of innovative start-ups have been detected since 2010

300 opportunities annually reviewed

8 investment operations achieved: 7 in start-ups and 1 in the seed fund Demeter 3 Amorçage

Following successful testing of VALOPUR biogas purification technology, SUEZ Ventures acquired a minority holding of 22% of Prodeval s capital

technological tests: speeding up the time-to-market of innovative solutions

SUEZ adopts a partnership-based approach with third-party companies through technological tests. These tests ensure that innovative solutions, regardless of whether they are provided by partners that are start-ups, large groups or small to medium-sized enterprises, are tested under industrial conditions. This approach has the advantage of significantly accelerating time-to-market, meaning we can deliver new technological solutions that meet our customers needs.

4 million annually committed

These tests co-financed by the Group have already resulted in 75 achievements.

Restoring water wells with liquid CO Aqua Freed©, developed by Subsurface Technologies Inc. (STI), is based on the injection of liquefied carbon dioxide to clean water wells while limiting the impact on the environment and facilities.


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