SUEZ helps local authorities in their transition to the circular economy and to reduce the impact of climate change.

To reduce the expense of landfill, the cities of Penrith and Liverpool have invested in a mechanical and biological waste treatment facility. Designed and run by SUEZ, the treatment plant has reduced costs for the local authority and increased recycling of organic waste used to enrich soil.

For over 10 years, the region of Perth has been seeing a drop in rainfall that affects the level of its dams and water tables. New solutions must be found. SUEZ was selected to build a new wastewater recycling plant. The contract specifies the construction of a plant to treat 14 million cubic meters a year. It will use innovative technology to make a significant positive impact on water table levels.

28 million cubic meters of water a year water table recharge capacity

134,000 tonnes of waste treated a year

15,506 tonnes of organic matter recovered

Penrith, Liverpool and Perth, Australia increasing the organic recycling of waste and reusing wastewater to feed water tables


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