our Sustainable Development Roadmap

for 2017-2021 Every five years, SUEZ commits itself to a new Sustainable Development Roadmap. The new 2017-2021 roadmap was designed following widespread internal and external consultation with over 5,000 stakeholders. Several types of tool were used to construct the roadmap, including carrying out materiality analysis and advisory panels among employees, individual shareholders and external stakeholders.

The 2017-2021 Sustainable Development Roadmap: - is both a driver for change within the Group and a management

tool: made up of 17 measurable commitments with specific deadlines, it comes with action plans to meet these goals by 2021;

- helps achieve the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations in 2015.

PRIORITY 1 Be a collaborative, open and

responsible company

PRIORITY 2 Be a leader in the circular and low-carbon economy

PRIORITY 3 Support our customers

environmental transition with concrete solutions

PRIORITY 4 Contribute

to the common good


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