protecting the oceans

SUEZ develops concrete solutions on all continents to protect the water resource and recycle and recover waste, therefore limiting upstream pollution of coastlines and the marine environment. We provide NGOs (7ème Continent, Expédition MED, Goodplanet) with these solutions and are a partner of UNESCO s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.

With #suez4Ocean, SUEZ mobilizes its 90,000 employees around the world through plastic waste collection campaigns on the coastlines and watersheds.

fighting climate change

In 2015, we set four key areas for action: reducing the Group s carbon footprint, adapting to the effects of climate change on water, promoting a circular economy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect resources, and developing new climate- responsible economic models.

SUEZ is part of the "2°C" trajectory and is committed to limiting the carbon footprint of its activities in all the countries where the Group operates.

preserving biodiversity

Pollution related to human activity and the ecosystem change contribute to the reduction of biodiversity. SUEZ acts to protect biodiversity for its clients and within its organization.

In 1997, SUEZ created a fund to support the environmental and social initiatives of communities in the vicinity of the Group s sites in the United Kingdom. Since its creation, it has supported 3,750 environmental and community projects for a total of more than 140 million.


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