digital for water management

SUEZ works to develop solutions to control networks in real time and constantly optimize water quality.

InSight InSight is a cloud-based platform that provides the means to capture and translate data into valuable information. It combines advanced data and analytics to help water treatment professionals make better business decisions, eliminate unplanned downtime, and lower operating costs.

digital for waste recycling and recovery

In order to actively tackle climate change, SUEZ develops innovative digital solutions to enable our customers to boost recycling, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, optimize energy consumption and adopt high-potential renewable energies.

Rubicon Using its proprietary technology- enabled platform, Rubicon provides comprehensive waste stream solutions that enable companies and local authorities to reduce operating expenses and implement recycling programs.

Organix® Organix® is the 1st digital marketplace for organic waste. The platform connects producers of organic waste and methanization unit operators, who transform this new resource into energy.

VISIO Equipped with responsive, intelligent digital systems, VISIO enables public officials to monitor their water and wastewater infrastructure and provides them with a powerful decision-making system. This digital tool enables greater data sharing with local communities so that they can provide them with free-flowing information. SUEZ provides a similar tool for waste management called VALOVISIO.


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