supporting vulnerable populations

SUEZ is committed to supporting disadvantaged people and boosting social integration of vulnerable people through its work in France and around the world.

In Dunkerque (France), SUEZ has implemented an eco-solidarity pricing with a separate rate with 3 consumption bands.

promoting equal opportunities and diversity

An important indicator of corporate social responsibility, equal opportunity lies at the heart of the Group s social performance. It is ensured through a structured, long-term plan supported by committed employees and a proactive management team.

To strengthen gender equality in the company, SUEZ is committed to ensuring 50% of female candidates for all the recruitment of managers around the world.

supporting the economic development of our regions

SUEZ adds to balanced and sustainable development of different regions by working with stakeholders crucial to their development and vitality: SMEs, integration organizations, disabled workers sector, social and solidarity economy players.

In France, SUEZ is committed to helping young people from poor neighborhoods access long-term employment or making their business plans a reality.


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