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LVMH 2018  .  Environmental Report



By joining Act4nature in 2018, LVMH reaffirmed its desire to provide concrete solutions

to contribute to the goals on biodiversity set by the international community. This

initiative, launched by EpE with many partners (NGOs, scientific institutions, public

authorities, etc.) is designed to generate real international collective momentum

through the involvement of businesses evolving in all business sectors. Like the other

signatories of the Act4nature Charter, LVMH has made ten commitments:

1 Integrate biodiversity into its business strategy based on the available sci- entific knowledge. 2 Engage in discussions with all its stakeholders about their expectations, their impacts, their actions and their progress. 3 Evaluate the various components of biodiversity that affect the Group using indicators of direct and

indirect impacts, risks and progress, and for decision making when relevant, econom-

ically assess its impacts and its dependence on the correct function of ecosystems.

4 Promote the progressive integration of biodiversity in decisions throughout its value chains, from the production of natural raw materials until the end of life of

products after they are used by consumers. 5 Avoid, reduce and, ultimately, offset its impacts by aiming, on a case by case basis, to at least break even or even

achieve a net gain in biodiversity in its activities and geographic areas of influence,

and by taking into consideration the needs of ecosystems to adapt to climate change.

6 Develop as a priority solutions based on nature, ensuring that implementation of those solutions is performed on a well-established scientific basis and is beneficial

to biodiversity, particularly by promoting a certain variety in these solutions.

7 Incorporate biodiversity into its dialog with public authorities in order to support the consideration of this challenge in public policies; when the Group is

asked to do so, contribute to national strategies for the biodiversity of the countries

in which it operates. 8 Increase employee awareness and train them in biodiversity and its relationship to their businesses; promote and encourage their

initiatives on behalf of nature and give recognition to these actions and practices.

9 Mobilize its resources and establish the appropriate partnerships to support its concrete actions and ensure follow-up. 10 Report to the public on the implementation of these collective and individual commitments.