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LVMH 2018  .  Environmental Report


annual highlights such as European Sustainable Development Week, Green Week or World Environment Day; themed events such as the International Africa and Beauty Forum, or the Luxury Packaging Trade Show; in-house key events like the 25-year anniversary celebration of its Environment Department in 2017, or the second LIFE in Stores show in 2018. These events marked by conferences, round table discussions and debates are all oppor- tunities for LVMH to set out its vision on the issues discussed and share information and best practices.

LVMH s initiatives to publicize its environmental pol- icy are relayed and amplified by the initiatives of the Houses, which are increasingly speaking out about their environmental actions. Guerlain has been a pioneer in this area with its communications on its eco-designed products. It has published an annual sustainable development report since 2014 and organizes events such as Les inspirations dura- bles du 68 , private galas honoring celebrities com- mitted to society and the environment.

Following in Guerlain s footsteps, this desire to inform is progressively gaining ground within the Group. Louis Vuitton offered an illustration of this desire in October 2018 when it introduced its lea thers tanned with natural plant extracts and its perfumes with refillable bottles during the Go for Good oper- ation of Galeries Lafayette that was intended to highlight the environmental, social and local commitments of the brands. In the context of this event, ten employees were named ambassadors to customers, and a dynamic was born with the crea- tion of a dedicated discussion group, and the pro-

duction of mini-films: What are you doing for the environment? In addition, on September 22, Louis Vuitton invited its customers to attend an event focused on the sustainability values of its creations based around a Leather Care presentation organ- ized with two artisans from the European repair shop. The communication commitments of Louis Vuitton are bearing fruit. In October 2018, the House received the Butterfly Trust Mark, created by the London company Positive Luxury to recognize brands that act with respect for the planet and future generations. To earn this award, they must have a positive impact on humans and the planet, and go beyond the minimum standards set by inter- national law. Louis Vuitton has made its mark, among other initiatives, through its responsible supply chains, the deployment of a circular econ- omy approach, and the reduction of its CO2 emis- sions through choices for renewable energy sources and greener shipping methods.

At Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography, LVMH raises awareness of environmental issues to future young creative talent.