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LVMH 2018  .  Environmental Report




Mobilization around the internal carbon fund

EXPLAINED BY Antonio Belloni, Group

General Manager


The Future LIFE evening in Tokyo

EXPLAINED BY Sylvie Bénard, Environment


The creation in late 2015 of our internal carbon fund, a first in the luxury goods industry, demon- strates both the willingness of LVMH to commit fully to the fight against climate change and its ability to innovate in this area. At a time when higher tem- peratures threaten the future of future generations, it is no longer enough to make progress, we need to do so quickly. We are acting on this. First, by setting a new, particularly ambitious goal in the context of LIFE 2020: to cut our CO2 emissions by 25% between 2013 and 2020. And, second, by deciding to double the internal carbon fund in 2018. The price of a ton of CO2 thus rose from 15 to 30. This has given us the funds to invest more than 11 million in projects that are both structuring and innovative, and will result in a substantial reduction in our carbon impact. The mobilization of our Houses has been a key factor. For the Houses, participating in the internal carbon fund is an amazing opportunity the chance to play an active role in the protection of the environment.

Our environmental approach is anchored in time but directed toward the future. With a view to ensuring ongoing improvement, we are constantly raising our standards. This is the meaning of the launch of LIFE 2020, which now allows us to mobi- l ize the Houses around shared ambitions for 2020. Shared ambitions mean collective success. To meet these challenges, it is important to bring all of the company s employees worldwide on board in our approach. In September 2017, during the Future LIFE event organized in Paris, we took advantage of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Environment Department to officially launch LIFE 2020. In May 2018, we presented Future LIFE in Tokyo to the representatives of our Houses oper- ating in Asia. And we are going to continue to meet with the teams, to indicate the importance of the environmental policy in the Group s development strategy, and to invite every individual to make a commitment to a future where natural resources are respected.