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Developing communications and internal events Training is not the only lever used by LVMH to mobi- l ize its employees for environmental challenges. The Group is also developing internal communication and mobilization through major events that are excellent opportunities for unification and mobiliza- tion. In 2018, for the eighth consecutive year, for example, the Group participated in Green Week, the largest annual conference on European environmen- tal policy. The theme of that event, held from May 21-25, was Green Cities for a Greener Future . On this occasion, an educational sheet was distributed to more than 70,000 Group employees to explain how the Group contributes to the emergence of sus- tainable cities by acting to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, preserve natural resources and protect biodiversity. These communication and mobilization efforts are relayed and amplified by the Houses. For the first time in 2018, Belvedere relied on Green Week to boost employee awareness of its Polmos distillery with good practices for the planet.

For internal communication, the trend is the integra- tion of environmental problems in the daily life of the teams and the progressive dissemination of a green culture within the LVMH Group. This was illus- trated in 2018, for example, with the opening of the Environment Every Day page on its new Hennessy intranet portal. This page presents good practices to reduce the impact of the activities on natural resources, and offers data on themes such as energy, water, package eco-design, waste, sustainable wine growing, sustainable transport or the environmental

performance for the year. To facilitate dialog on these themes, the page also offers employees the option to send their comments and good ideas. At Sephora North America, the desire to bring its employees on board with the House s environmental policy gave birth in 2018 to Tips to Green Stores : advice given to store employees to reduce the envir- onmental footprint by lowering energy consumption and waste production. For example, they are invited to use reusable water bottles, sort their waste, close exterior doors, systematically ask customers if they want a bag, or offer them an electronic receipt.

Publicize the environmental policy of LVMH LVMH continues to develop external communication about its environmental policy. The Group wants to provide information in the most comprehensive and transparent manner to not only its customers, part- ners and regulatory authorities, but also to public players, non-governmental organizations, associ a- tions and all citizens concerned by environmental issues. The cornerstone of its communication process is the Environmental Report distributed every year since 2001. The report goes hand in hand with a large number of documents, articles, videos and pub- lic comments in traditional, digital and social media. LVMH also responds to the questions asked by its stakeholders (this is also challenge 8 of its LIFE program). The Group also demonstrates its environ- mental commitment at major national and interna- tional events: climate and biological diversity summits organized under the aegis of the UN;