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LVMH 2018  .  Environmental Report



Improve the key indicators of environmental efficiency for all sites by at least 10%

Reduce by 25% the CO2 emissions associated with energy consumption

2018 2020

16% 25%

Accelerate innovation with the internal carbon fund

Double the number of structuring projects promoting CO2 reduction with 11.3 million capital investment in 2018.

Improve energy efficiency

16% less energy consumption in kWh/m2 in stores between 2013 and 2019.

300,000 m2 illuminated exclusively by LEDs thanks to the LVMH Lighting program.

Use increasing levels of green energy sources

Increase proportion of renewable energy in the Group s energy mix:

2018 2020

27% 30%

Reduce the carbon impact of transportation

Adoption of low-CO2 transportation with the development of rail transport for Hennessy.

Access for employees to more-sustainable modes of transport.

Make sustainable construction widespread

Certification of all new LVMH sites with international standards as basis (BBC®, HQE®, etc.).

Promote eco-design of boutiques with the LVMH LIFE in Stores program. Improve the energy efficiency of boutiques:

2018 2020

16% 30%

Integrate the environment into site management

Production and administration sites certified for their environment management system:

2018 2020

63% 100%

Save and purify water

Limit water consumption at production sites:

2018 2020

4.5% 10%

Reduce waste and give it new life

In 2018, 91% of waste was recycled or converted into energy.