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By launching the LIFE program, LVMH made a commitment to ensure that all its sites respect the environment. This commitment was strength­ ened with LIFE 2020 and today covers 393 production, logistics and administrative sites and 4,592 stores. LVMH s goal is organized into sev­ eral objectives. The Group has asked its Houses to set up an environ­ mental management system at all their production sites and all their administrative sites with more than 50 employees. They must also make a commitment to a process of ongoing improvement at each site by reducing key indicators of environmental efficiency by at least 10% between 2013 and 2020: water consumption and/or energy consump­ tion and/or waste production. The Houses have two objectives to reach for their boutiques. The first is to improve the average energy efficiency of each existing sales floor area by 30%. The second concerns the new boutiques, which must reach at least 50/100 on the LVMH Store Guidelines grid developed on the basis of the most stringent global standards. The implementation of the LVMH LIFE in Stores program, based on this grid, is one of the drivers used by the Houses to make progress. This is not the only one: whether it is sales floor areas, factories, workshops or corporate offices, they now have many ways of taking action to improve the environmental profile of their sites.

PRIORITIES Reduce and convert waste. Reduce water consumption. Control energy use.

10% improvement in the key

environmental efficiency indicators for all sites