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The health and safety of staff and customers: a fundamental prerequisite

The new 2017-2021 Roadmap places health and safety managers, supported by a network of 950 professionals, directly below operational executives and trains managers in health and safety leadership. It also organises the prevention of serious and fatal accidents and introduces a fair culture . Evaluated against proactive performance indicators at a higher level than conventional indicators, SUEZ s policy is reviewed twice a year by the Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee. Consequently, frequency rates have been halved over ten years.







TO RS Synergies and digitisation of systems

for increased performance

The new Digital Roadmap will give the Group new skills and accelerate the development and launch of new digital solutions. A team and a network of data scientists have been put in place to better exploit in the future the huge quantities of data produced by the Group s operational activities (water consumption data via smart meters; waste container fill levels and contents etc.).

The Innovation, Marketing and Industrial Performance department (DIPI) has reorganised to deploy a new Innovation/Digital/Performance/ Intrapreneurship system able to promote a Group-wide approach to innovation.

The digital transformation of the Group s activities, and particularly waste collection and sorting, combined with improved procurement efficiency and reduced general and administrative costs, led to long-term net savings of 210 million in 2018, beating the target and paving the way for a programme to save 200 million in costs in 2019.

Innovation in service of human progress

In 2018, the Group invested 120 million in Research and Development. The goal is to conquer the markets that serve sustainable development and prepare for the future of the SUEZ Group s activities at the heart of an innovation ecosystem consisting of its own researchers, the international scientific community and start-ups. The Group also launched its first Innovation Week in 2018, together with the Digital Hub ( p.27). By focusing resolutely on a structured open innovation policy, the Group can access knowledge and technologies that complement its own, accelerating the commercial development of innovative solutions. This is the spirit in which SUEZ has come together with CNRS, Inria, Université PSL and other companies (Amazon, Criteo, Facebook, Faurecia, Google, Microsoft, NAVER LABS, PSA Group, Valeo) to found the PRAIRIE Institute (PaRis Artificial Intelligence Research InstitutE), a centre of excellence in artificial intelligence with three goals: contributing to the progress of basic knowledge in AI, taking part in solving concrete problems with high value in terms of applications and contributing to training.





Objectives: promoting safety culture and encouraging everyday commitment from all staff. Safety is everywhere, all the time, for everyone and with everyone!