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Forest Water Environmental Engineering (Taiwan) SUEZ has signed a 12-year service contract with Forest Water Environmental Engineering Co Ltd to optimise the efficiency and output quality of the treatment plant in the Guanyin industrial park in Toayuan. The ZeeWeed MBR membrane technology already enables the plant to produce high-quality treated effluent for discharge into the environment. The new service contract will cover a membrane replacement programme, the upgrading of the aeration system and a series of services to optimise global performance thanks to the cloud-based InSight® asset management platform. This combines advanced data management and analysis tools to help improve the installation s operational effectiveness.

Australian Paper (Australia) SUEZ and Australian Paper have come together to launch the first waste-to-energy project in the state of Victoria. Australian Paper has announced a partnership with SUEZ to develop a $600 million waste-to-energy project at Maryvale Mill following its successful feasibility study. The $7.5 million study was financed jointly by the Australian and Victorian governments. As Victoria s biggest industrial user of natural gas and a big energy consumer, Australian Paper intends to develop alternative electricity sources to preserve its future competitiveness. Converting waste to energy will enable Australian Paper to combine electricity and heat generation and secure its investments in progress at the site. Australian Paper and SUEZ plan to finalise supplies of waste for the project by 2020. Construction of the installation should begin shortly afterwards and end in 2024.


Signature of a memorandum of understanding on recycled water between SUEZ and Forest Water Environmental Engineering to reduce pressure on water resources and stabilise industrial demand for water in accordance with Taiwan s Reclaimed Water Resources Development Act

Prevention of unforeseen stoppages due to greater asset reliability


The service contract will improve the factory s environmental efficiency and reduce operating costs


Contributing to the creation of 1,046 jobs in Victoria during the three-year construction phase and over 900 during the operating phase

Generating up to four petajoules of natural gas per year and 30 MWh of electricity per hour for the retail energy market in Victoria


Diverting about 650,000 tonnes of residual waste from the Melbourne and Gippstand landfill sites, avoiding 543,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year


Becoming a benchmark in the emerging waste recovery sector in the state of Victoria and strengthening the state s waste management system


Increase in the treatment plant s total capacity of 2,250 m3/day

Reduction in energy-related greenhouse gas emissions