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PRIORITY 2 Be the leader of the circular and low-carbon economy

5 Adhere to the 2 degrees target by mitigating the causes of climate change

Direct and indirect GHG emissions 7.8 Mt

Direct and indirect GHG emissions, updated base year*** 9.4 Mt 9 Mt -10%

Help our customers to avoid more than 60 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions

Aggregate emissions avoided cum. 8.9 Mt cum. 38 Mt cum. 60 Mt

Double the volume of recycled plastics Volume of recycled plastics 432 Kt 525 Kt x 2

Increase the production of renewable energy by more than 10% Production of renewable energy 5.2 TWh (Europe)

7.6 TWh (World)


6 Adapt to the consequences of climate change for water

Systematically offer to our customers resilience plans for the effects of climate change

- in progress

Promote different usages of water by tripling our alternative water supplies by 2030

Capacity for the reuse of treated wastewater and desalination

820 Mm3 (reused

wastewater) 2,610 Mm3 + 1/3

Save the equivalent of the water consumption of a city of more than 2 million inhabitants

Water savings in the drinking water distribution network

- 1.3 M residents vs. base 2 M residents

7 Promote material recycling, recovery and reuse

Increase the production of secondary raw materials by 20% Quantity of secondary raw materials produced 4.1 Mt 4.4 Mt +20%

Achieve a ratio of 2 tonnes of waste recovered for every tonne of waste disposed of

Ratio between tonnes of waste recovered and tonnes of waste disposed of

- Europe : 2.2

World : 1.2 x 2

8 Develop climate-responsible models

Introduce a directive carbon price in 60% of the annual expenditure committed to new projects

Revenue committed to the operational committee with a reference carbon price


1 solid recovered fuel boiler project

1 waste-to-chemical plant project


Introduce a harmonised global circularity indicator for goods and services

- in progress

Systematically offer pay packages that are partially index-linked to our global performance

- in progress

Raise employee awareness and promote training in emerging models (carbon accounting, new business models etc.)

Coverage rate for awareness-raising tools - Creation of the Sustainability


PRIORITY 3 Support the environmental transition of our customers with concrete solutions

Put forward 100% sustainable solutions

Implement a Sustainable Portfolio Tool for all new solutions Creation and deployment of the tool Number of solutions assessed using the tool

- in progress

10 Increase the number of connected objects by 20% Number of connected objects 3,1 M smart meters

4,1 M smart meters 20%

11 Increase the number of decentralised or modular solution in Desalination, Water, Sanitation and Waste

Number of technologies related to the production of decentralised and modular solutions

161 210

* Base: the reference year for the Roadmap is 2016 for all indicators except those relating to priority 2, Be the leader of the circular and low-carbon economy , which corresponds to climate commitments made in 2015. ** Not yet available *** Reference year updated to take the changed scope of consolidation into account (acquisitions/divestments)





1 02

-4 8

/ 2 03



Innovate to develop decentralised or modular solutions for the territories of the planet

Accelerate the digital revolution in Water & Waste solutions for agriculture, industry, cities and citizens

Reduce GHG emissions by more than 30% in the entire scope of activity by 2030