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California (USA) The West Basin wastewater recycling plant (the largest in the country) near Los Angeles, operated by SUEZ since 1994, helps preserve water resources in a region that is regularly exposed to drought and where 70% of the water consumed is imported. Renewed in 2018 and covering nearly a million users, the contract reinforces SUEZ s presence in the USA.


Reduction in the risk of water rationing and restrictions due to drought


Gradual rise from 170,000 m3 to 265,000 m3 of water produced per day

Production of five different qualities of recycled water meeting different needs: groundwater replenishment, irrigation, industrial processes, cooling systems etc.

Preservation of 17 million m3 of water/year by supplying 90% of the water injected into the West Coast Groundwater Barrier


Reduction in dependency on other regions for water supplies with no additional cost

Hauts-de-Seine (France) As the operator for 25 years, SUEZ renewed its contract to manage and maintain water treatment facilities in Hauts-de-Seine for another 12 years in 2018. Taking the area s challenges and future evolution as a starting point, the Group proposed the solutions most relevant to local issues. The contract opens new prospects for the public services of the future, targeting value creation for all stakeholders.


Partnership with the ZIGS association to better manage the areas around sites and limit their negative impact

Contributing to improving the quality of swimming water

Four times more investment in training than the legal obligation, with training pathways adapted to new skills


Contractor s remuneration dependent on achieving contractual targets

Better investment prioritisation and productivity savings thanks to 3D digital modelling of the network


Improved control of flooding and discharge into natural habitats thanks to predictive connected solutions

Assistance for developers and nearby residents in ensuring their discharge is compliant and managing rainwater plot by plot