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Bertrand Swiderski Sustainability Director at the Carrefour Group

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The Carrefour Group is pursuing its pioneering commitment to better food through initiatives such as Act for Food1 and the Loop2 platform for returnable packaging. These initiatives illustrate the role Carrefour wants to play in the food transition towards better eating. But not all the world s regions are mobilising to face this transition at the same pace, nor on the same issues: success means being in tune with multiple micro-trends, as the group s Sustainability Director, Bertrand Swiderski, explains.

a successful food transition means taking the pulse of each society

1 - A global programme of 13 commitments for healthier, more sustainable, more accessible and more environmentally friendly food. 2 - An e-commerce solution designed to reduce packaging waste, created by TerraCycle in partnership with major consumer companies such as Carrefour and industrialists like SUEZ.