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4 - Let s eat in Ewe, a language spoken in Ghana, Selassie Atadika s homeland.

leaves are both eaten. Our biggest challenge is more post-harvest loss rather than post-consumer loss.

Africa, the new eldorado of sustainable cuisine

I opened my Midunu4 restaurant in November 2014. Within this institution I wish to celebrate and preserve Africa s culinary heritage and contribute to the development of healthier and more sustainable food practices in Africa through the promotion of ingredients, culinary techniques and the know-how of local populations. I also want to encourage the development of local economies.

Midunu invites you to share with others and create unique experiences in a place where culture, community and cuisine intersect with sustainability, economy and environment. This is what I call New African Cuisine . This concept comes from the lessons I ve learned, and still learning, from the African kitchen. During my decade traveling around the continent, I got to see many singularities in the guiding principles of the African cuisine all over the continent (using bold flavors, ancient grains, foraged food or sharing communal dining for example). I was also able to see some of the challenges ahead in terms of food security and climate change. Therefore, within my cuisine, I search for