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feeding the world sustainably is the theme chosen for this new issue of open_resource magazine.

By 2050, the Earth will be home to nearly 10 billion humans who will face many challenges to ensure healthy and sustainable food: careful management of water and energy resources, implementing sustainable and profitable agriculture, fighting food waste, diversifying sources of protein, reducing the environmental footprint of the food supply chain (agriculture and livestock account for 70% of the global footprint), reducing waste (food and packaging) Our current linear model needs to evolve towards a circular economy in which local and global solutions can emerge, combining nutrition, food safety and resource preservation.

More and more people, from industrialists to the end consumer, are becoming aware of this urgency. As consumers take control of this vital issue, the situation has no precedent or equivalent in any other sector. Better food is a concern for everyone. This involves producing better, selling better and eating better. Introducing irrigation systems that optimise water use, cultivating land while preserving soil, adapting our diets and reducing the pollution associated with non-recyclable packaging Innovation is essential in order to keep on supplying enough food for everyone in the long term.

Page after page, SUEZ will introduce you to the farmers, food manufacturers, institutions, researchers, chef and entrepreneurs who are committed to implementing and promoting more responsible practices every day. You will discover innovative hi-tech solutions for optimising the whole value chain and making the life cycle of food commodities more transparent. You will learn more about agroecology and farming focused on soil conservation, preserving the land s vitality and seed diversity. Finally, we will address vital issues such as water resource preservation and the links between food and climate change.

Small, medium and large-scale initiatives are emerging on all five continents, all converging towards the same goal: building more resilient, environmentally friendly food systems in order to feed a steadily growing population while preserving the planet.

Let s be more imaginative and innovative than ever to meet the challenge.

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