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_inspirations The region, area or agricultural origin that inspires you most? It is the sector as a whole that inspires us, from farmland to the consumer, in the effort to bring the two as close together as possible.

A work of art (literature, visual art, etc.) to change our vision of the future of the human food supply? Notre agriculture est en danger which Xavier Beulin, the former president of FNSEA2 and the Avril group published just before his death.

Your favourite agricultural product? Rapeseed, sunflowers... in short, oilseeds.

2 - French national federation of farmers unions.

that individual behaviour has a global environmental impact and they are increasingly attuned to the quality of products and how they are produced. It is also up to the mass retailer to change their model: easy consumerism (based on price alone) has had its day.

Another example of the development of the sustainable circular economy is Terrial, a subsidiary of Avril in which SUEZ is a shareholder. Terrial recovers byproducts and organic waste from agriculture to produce natural, chemical-free fertilisers, helping to ensure that nutrients and carbon are returned to the soil and improving soil fertility.

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Ensuring the quality of livestock feed is the first stage in the development of sustainable agriculture.