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underutilised and underdog ingredients including traditional grains, tubers, a diversity of proteins, climate smart crops and traditional cooking techniques.

In my restaurant, I have a very strict policy regarding product quality. There are a lot of middlemen in our food system. So, it is very challenging to know where your food comes from since much of our farming areas are outside the Greater Accra5 region. It is a long process which we work to improve every day. That s why I only select suppliers who sustainably manage their farms. In this perspective,

my approach can be summed up in three words: good, clean (grown in the best way possible), fair (I make sure I pay a just price)6.

One ambition: to change people s food habits through cooking and sharing

Midunu is not a classic restaurant where you can order à la carte. We offer a tasting menu once a week where people can come to dine compete with storytelling from our team. We also offer a nomadic experience where I organise short-lived

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With Midunu Chocolates, Selassie Atadika delicately blends local spices and cocoa. Previous page: The richness and diversity of local cultures are represented in Midunu s cuisine.

5 - The capital and largest city of Ghana. 6 - See the principles of the Slow Food international citizen organisation.