our systems of production and con- sumption 4 . Circle, of dialogue and co-construction in eco-neighbourhoods and sustainable towns and cities, that take the environment into consideration in the management of their resources. Circle, that reuses wastewater and calls on alter- native resources to produce water 5 . The examples are legion.

The time has come for sober development, in harmony with our natural environ- ment. Today, technological and social progress is represented by these initia- tives, flourishing thanks to the convergence with the digital revolution. Digital technology offers a global impact to local

transformations, and reveals new forms of cooperation and dialogue in our regions between public authorities, economic and industrial players, start-ups, researchers, designers, NGOs and citizens.

The fight against climate change is not something that only concerns our inter- national leaders. Solutions for the future are being implemented right now in Paris, Cairo, Rotterdam and the Indonesian province of Wonosobo 6 . The first issue of open_resource magazine explores these numerous initiatives, so that its readers can share this inventive renewal.

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