combined with the robust carbon balance methodology and the possibilities offered by digital technology, looked like effective tools to me. Rather than taxing people, why not give them the chance to earn money by cutting their emissions? That s the idea behind the CO2 savings account, which, instead of containing euros or dollars, contains the carbon that is not emitted because we share our car or we make more efficient use of the heating at home. Savers can then spend this CO2 in goods or services from partner businesses, as part of their voluntary carbon compensation programme, or they can sell it.

So everyone s inventiveness is the driving force?

The challenge is to make the most of people s boundless creativity. Today, we have 8,000 registered members and 100 partner businesses. And because every situation is different, a broad diversity of practices and engagements has emerged.

We want to make the most of this capacity to take initiatives. Since we started in November 2013, we have helped to save 200,000 tonnes of CO2, or the average annual emissions from 100,000 cars, and, of course, protect energy resources. Without sermonising or occupying the moral high ground

L ouvrage ou la personnalité qui vous a le plus marqué Effondrement, de l anthropologue américain Jared Diamond. Le sous-titre est explicite : « Comment les sociétés décident de leur survie ou de leur disparition ».

L actualité récente qui vous a donné de l espoir Une convergence de fond : l opinion commence à réaliser les dangers du changement climatique, les solutions sont mieux comprises et l économie numérique rend possible leur large déploiement.

La phrase dont vous avez fait votre maxime « Jamais je ne baisse pavillon, jamais je n en suis à mon dernier effort », une citation d Ernest Shackleton, explorateur britannique du début du xxe siècle.

La question qui vous tient éveillé la nuit L État acceptera-t-il que l on puisse payer une partie de nos impôts en CO2 ?

The work or personality that has marked you the most Collapse, by the American anthropologist Jared Diamond. The sub-title is quite explicit: How societies choose to fail or succeed.

Recent news that has given you hope The underlying convergence. Public opinion is becoming aware of the danger of climate change. The solutions are better understood and the digital economy makes it possible to deploy them.

The phrase that you have adopted as your motto I never give up, I never reach my last effort, by Ernest Shackleton, a British explorer from the early 20th century.

The question that keeps you awake at night Will the State allow us to pay a part of our taxes in CO2?