As the population of our planet grows and the urban explosion continues, climate change represents a new challenge for our existing food production systems. The adoption of the UN s Sustainable Development Goals, just a few weeks before COP21 is no coincidence, highlighting the urgency of, and the interactions between, these major issues that the century faces. Climate change is not simply a matter of energy. Water resources, which are essential to agriculture, are amongst the first ecosystems to be impacted by climate change. How can we guarantee food security and access to drinking water for all, in a world that could have 9 billion inhabitants by 2035, and where the most pessimistic forecasts predict a temperature rise of over 3 degrees Celsius, if no binding agreements are reached during COP21?

climate change and food security:

two intrinsically-linked global issues

In the challenge section, Jean-Louis Chaussade sets out his vision of a major challenge of the resource revolution. In this first edition, he gives his point of view on the link between climate change and food security.

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