On a polar expedition in 2012, we discovered a new strain of diatoms, microalgae with an extraordinary structure, that are surrounded by a layer of silica that grows well in low light conditions and low temperature.

And that was how Swedish Algae Factory came into being?

Yes, because growing algae is useful in itself. In order to grow, diatoms need carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphate. By growing diatoms, we can depollute wastewater, industrial water, most notably the liquid effluents from fish farms. These pollutants are the algae s nutrients! This also plays a role in reducing carbon emissions, because producing 1 kilogramme of algae absorbs almost 2 kilogrammes of CO2.

The biomass obtained with these algae can also be used in industry to feed the fish in fish farms, or to produce biofuel, which will then help reduce our consumption of fossil energy.

So you are aiming for a circular model that is entirely sustainable and useful in terms both of process and products.

We close a loop by making resources renewable and by doing what nature does, more quickly and more intensively. Our technology, and even our economic model, are inspired by natural and ecosystemic processes!

L œuvre ou la personnalité qui vous a le plus marquée L œuvre : Une vérité qui dérange, d Al Gore, qui a déclenché une prise de conscience réelle autour du changement climatique. La personne : Niklas Zennström, le fondateur de Skype philanthrope et activiste.

L actualité récente qui vous a donné de l espoir L accord international « Action Agenda » trouvé mi-juillet à Addis-Abeba, qui pose les bases pour le financement du développement soutenable dans les pays en développement notamment sur la réduction des émissions carbone.

La phrase dont vous avez fait votre maxime « Essayer, c est espérer », une devise d entrepreneur !

La question qui vous tient éveillée la nuit Irons-nous assez vite dans la mise en œuvre de solutions pour ne pas atteindre le point de non-retour climatique ?

The work or the personality that have marked you the most The work: An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, which truly raised awareness of climate change. The person: Niklas Zennström, the philanthropist and activist who founded Skype.

Recent news that has given you hope The international Action Agenda agreement that was reached in Addis Ababa in mid-July and lays the foundations for the funding of sustainable development in developing countries, and especially for the reduction of carbon emissions.

The phrase that you have adopted as your motto To try is to hope. An entrepreneur s motto!

The question that keeps you awake at night Will we implement solutions quickly enough to avoid reaching a climatic point of no return?