How can resources be better managed in the future? An exercise in resource fiction by Usbek & Rica.

Kolam loops in 2028

Usbek & Rica is a French publication available in digital, print and event-based formats. Its mission is to explore the near, distant and very long-term future , enthusiastically and optimistically. open_resource magazine invited it to indulge in this exercise in resource fiction.

La Nouvelle Provence, 4 June 2028 (excerpt).

The imminent deployment of the Kolam Provence network has been the centre of attention in the region for several weeks.

Since Kolam was first invented in Kerala, India, seven years ago, similar initiatives have sprung up on every continent. Kolam is a physical and digital network operated by local players, gathered together into a cooperative. The network collects and processes, in real time, all the data for the flows of available resources. It then allocates the resources locally according to needs, and by connecting all the industrial centres, farms and residential zones in the region using a peer-to-peer model.

Production of alternative water resources, reuse of wastewater, recycling, biological recovery from waste, and waste-to-energy